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What is Colloidal Silver

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One of the most popular products sold at Healthy Body Inc. is our colloidal silver. This product is one that has incredible benefits, boosts overall health, and adds to the quality of your lifestyle. While it is such a popular product, there are still quite a few people that aren’t even aware that this supplement exists.

Being that it is one of our most popular products, we wanted to dedicate some time to diving into the product itself and the many benefits that it has when included in a daily routine.

What Is Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a mineral. While it is often recognized as a supplement, it is from the mineral of silver that our bodies see benefits. There are so many different benefits that our bodies see from colloidal silver, and it’s primarily because our bodies don’t naturally produce this mineral, so we see incredible results when we do include it in our routine.

Why It Works

As with many supplements, colloidal silver has so many different posts and opinions that surface the internet, it can be really hard to get a good basis on what this product does and how it can be beneficial. There’s no doubt that you’ll find pieces of information that tell you all benefits of this mineral are made up, and that you should be cautious. Other sources will tell you that this supplement could be used to handle just about any illness, injury or issue around. Luckily, all of this comes right back down to science, so we’re going to go over a few facts that we are certain about with colloidal silver.

Bacterial Cell Membranes

The ions of silver react to bacterial cell membranes in a pretty spectacular way. Silver ions can attach themselves to bacteria cell membranes, which provides a reaction known as cellular respiration. What this means is that the ions of the silver will hold onto oxygen molecules are able to react more quickly to any groups of cells in your body that are surrounded by bacteria or viruses. It is because of this reaction and the oxidation of silver that your body does often see a variety of benefits from this mineral.


One of the most amazing studies that has been conducted of silver shows that this is mineral is capable of entering the DNA of bacteria. It might sound like a crazy reaction to make, but studies show that up to 12% of silver can be detected in the DNA of bacteria. This is a must when looking for cellular replication to occur, and one that only silver can provide.

Common Benefits

So many people have tried colloidal silver and wound up adding it to their routine full time. There are so many different reasons that people do add it, and we want to go into depth about some of the ways that adding this mineral into your daily intake can change your life for the better.

Wounds & Skin Care

One of the areas where colloidal silver supplements have proven to be beneficial is in healing wounds and caring for skin. As far as studies have shown, colloidal silver stimulates the cell growth that is necessary for skin to heal, as well as in soft tissue in general. What’s truly incredible are the various skin conditions and injuries that this supplement can treat.

This mineral is specifically suggested for instances where skin is injured from a burn, bacterial infections like ringworm are present, or there is any irritation from poison ivy or other harmful plants or insects. While this may not retract venom or provide you with optimal care in all instances, this mineral does contribute quite a bit of cell growth when it’s most necessary.

Standard Cold

If you’re sitting there thinking that colloidal silver couldn’t possibly benefit you because the instances that it’s known for are so out of your realm, then you were not prepared for this situation where colloidal silver is extremely beneficially.

This supplement is known for preventing various types of the flue and your common cold. While there are very few studies that focus on this specific factor of the supplement, it has been recorded in studies that individuals that take colloidal silver are not only less likely to catch a cold, but also have an easier time recovering when they are sick and start incorporating this mineral into their intake.


Whether you’re an athlete or you have a job that can be a little tough on your body, inflammation is a thing that most of us have to worry about. For some, inflammation can happen because of an injury that happened decades ago, for others, inflammation is something that occurs on a daily basis because of a profession or hobby. Regardless, inflammation can cause some serious discomfort.

Rather than use various medications or anti-inflammatory formulas, you can use this natural supplement to reduce any swelling, inflammation or pain. Aside from that, the natural boost in cell growth and recovery can make this a great resource for those that do see these types of issues on a regular basis. On the other hand, incorporating a supplement like this into your daily routine can turn this from a healing supplement to a preventative supplement, it truly has all of your bases covered.


If you or your family deal with a weakened immune system, colloidal silver is another fantastic supplement that you can use to work on building it up. There are a few serious cases that colloidal silver is used for because of its antiviral properties. The more commonly known instances are HIV/AIDS, herpes, shingles, warts and pneumonia.

The way that this mineral is able to achieve this is through the silver's ability to suffocate the virus of any ability that it has. Because of that, this is a great natural way to speed up the process of recovering from a virus that can really put some strains on your immune system.

Pink Eye & Ear Infections

Two of the most painful things that a child can deal with are irritations and infections of these two body parts. Between the pain of it and the time that it takes to heal, these infections can be just as difficult for the parents caring for them. Whether it’s you or your child, colloidal silver is the perfect answer for these situations. Because of the way that this mineral attacks viruses, bacteria and infections, it provides a quick solution to these types of issues. You can simply dab some onto the source of the infection, or take it orally to let it works it’s magic.


Our bodies contract all sorts of illnesses, pick up bacterias from every place that we visit and are susceptible to developing countless types of diseases. One of the greatest benefits of colloidal silver are the antibacterial benefits that it offers. A study that happened at UCLA showed that over 650 different diseases were destroyed with a small dosage of colloidal silver. Might we add, this is in minutes of the administration of colloidal silver into the body.

What is great about using colloidal silver as a antibacterial is that it is not something that your body will develop resistance to. That means that you can continue to take this,provide your body with countless benefits by letting the silver attack harmful bacteria in your body, while not having to worry about the moment that your body will become resistant to it. This is a long term plan that you can count on providing you with a better, healthier lifestyle.

We should note, that while this does work for most of these cases, there is a chance that the circumstances that you’re dealing with are going to be more severe and require the attention of a medical professional. This is a supplement that can provide you with plenty of benefits, but cases and severity differ. If the issues that you’re dealing with are causing you a great deal of pain, could be infected or could use the eyes of a professional, then make sure that you prioritize your well being and simply rely on colloidal silver as a supplement that could provide you with relief.

When it comes to finding the best colloidal silver around, you can count on Healthy Body Inc. to have it. We ensure that each and every supplement that we offer is of the highest caliber so that our customers are able to enjoy all of the health benefits they were hoping for while becoming the best version of themselves. Browse our selection and order your colloidal silver today.

If you know that you’re already a fan of this incredible mineral, then purchase the package of two bottles of colloidal silver that we have for convenience and those that would rather purchase in bulk. As always, keep up with our blog. We will continue to provide you with informative posts that help you live the healthiest life possible.

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