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What is a Probiotic?

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One of the most popular products that we have on Healthy Body Inc. are the probiotics. These have become one of the staples that people use on a daily basis to maintain general health, and we are so excited that we are now able to provide a high-quality probiotic for customers, though we realize there are still quite a few people who aren’t fully aware of what a probiotic is or how it can benefit their lifestyle. Today we are going to dive into what a probiotic is, as well as the various benefits and reasons that probiotics should be a part of everyone’s diets.

What is a probiotic?

A probiotic is live bacteria and yeast that offers plenty of health benefits to your lifestyle, but primarily to your digestive system. Now, often times the first thought that comes to mind with the word bacteria is that bacteria is never good for the body. However, your body actually functions on quite a bit of bacteria, good bacteria, and that’s exactly what a probiotic is. They are a helpful bacteria that allows for your gut to remain healthy.

Where do I get probiotics?

Your body naturally creates probiotics, but they can also be found in a multitude of other areas. From the food that you eat to supplements, like the one by Healthy Body Inc., there are plenty of opportunities for you to provide your body with this helpful bacteria. One of the most common ways that people enjoy them is through the form of a supplement. Rather than trying to increase the number of foods that you have with healthy bacteria in them, you can let the supplement take lead and have your body follow its suit.

When should I use probiotics?

Probiotics weren’t commonly heard of, or known about, until the mid 1990’s. At this point in time, people really wanted to get a better understanding of what the benefits of probiotics were and how they could benefit from them. One of the primary reasons that people use probiotics are when they’re having issues with their digestive system.

Types of Probiotics

There are a few different types of probiotics because of the way that the bacteria is classified. Each of them have have different benefits, but will mostly come from two primary group.s Depending on what issue your digestive tract is dealing with, there might be a specific probiotic that will benefit you more. In order to determine what it is, ask your doctor and they can help you better determine which one is going to be the best fit.


This is the most common probiotic that you can find, and it’s pretty easy to do so. This is the bacteria that you’ll see in yogurt as well as other foods that are fermented. This strain of probiotic is known for helping people that get diarrhea, whose bodies can’t digest lactose, and have issues with their digestive system.


While both of these probiotics are very beneficial for the digestive system, this strain is known for helping with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) specifically. It can be found in a few different types of dairy products, but is most commonly sought after in the form of supplements.

Benefits of Probiotics

When we said earlier that probiotics had plenty of health benefits, we weren’t kidding. There are so many different times that people want to take probiotics and see some incredible benefits from doing so. Below is a breakdown of some of the different areas that probiotics are known for benefiting.


As we’ve touched on many times now, functionality is definitely something that we see people using probiotics for. It is primarily known for improving the functionality of bowel movements, but it is also to thank for the ability to create bile and gastric secretion. One of the other main functionalities of probiotics is that they are the overall gatekeeper of what goes into your bloodstream, not a job for the faint of heart. As a whole, probiotics are extremely beneficial for the overall health of your immune system as well.


In order for your body to really thrive, it needs to be able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients that you’re putting into it. One of the greatest benefits that people will see through taking probiotics is that they help your body absorb so many of the vitamins and nutrients that we intake through food. From beneficial vitamins like B12, to crucial minerals like iron and magnesium, our bodies are much more likely to absorb these beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Another incredible benefit to probiotics is that they strengthen so much of the digestive tract. From the stomach and gut lining, to your overall immune system, probiotics do a fantastic job of making sure that these parts of your body are ready for anything that they take on. Probiotics have shown to minimize the chances of a body developing an infection, viruses, parasites and even simple toxins.

These are only a few of the benefits that people can see when adding probiotics to their diet plan. The amount of good that probiotics do for the body is incredible, and that’s exactly why we needed to ensure that we had everything necessary to provide our customers with the high-quality supplements that they need. This supplement can provide you with all of the additional health benefits that you need to make the most of a healthy lifestyle.

As always, make sure to browse our selection of vitamins and supplements and keep up with our blog posts so that you can continue to learn more and more about living a healthy lifestyle, habits you can take on, and what some of our most popular supplements can provide you with. We are constantly going to be providing you with up and coming topics to overall benefit you and then some. If there are any questions that you have, make sure to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help! 

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