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Vitamins Every Woman Should Be Taking

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Women’s Health Week takes place the Monday following Mother’s day, on most calendar years. While there is this specific week that we can dedicate our time and efforts to really focusing our time on the overall health of women, it isn’t the only time that your health should be a priority. At Healthy Body Inc., we offer high-quality supplements that can improve your overall ability to live a healthier and happier life, and at the end of the day, that’s our only goal.

Since our goal is to provide you with a healthy lifestyle, we want to cover some of the vitamins that you, as a woman, should be taking on a regular basis. Some of these vitamins are beneficial for both men and women, but these specific vitamins will be beneficial for women based off of chemical balance, hormones and biological structure.


When you look at multivitamins for women, next to multivitamins for men, you’ll see that one of the biggest differences is the amount of iron that is in the vitamin itself. This is a supplement that women need to be taking in order to thrive. Studies have shown that women are more likely to be deficient in iron, and as you might have suspected, this is largely due to the menstrual cycles that take place every month.

Because men don’t have to worry about a routine loss of blood, they don’t need to be worried about adding any more iron than necessary. Supplements are a great way to make sure that you’re getting enough iron. While there are plenty of foods that you can benefit from iron by eating, it’s difficult for many adults to get all of the iron they need to be healthy.


Another vitamin that you’ll see more of in women’s multivitamins is calcium. Strong bones are something that all of us can enjoy, and need, however women are known to lose their bone density at a much younger age than men. Women begin to lose their bone density in their twenties, and because of that it’s important that this vitamin is incorporated into a daily routine as early as possible.

Aside from building strong bones, this is also incredibly beneficial for helping the strength of your teeth and building a strong nervous system. Taking this on a day to day basis can get you ahead of the game before you have any injuries to deal with down the road.

B Vitamins

One of the vitamin categories that people often forget about are B vitamins, which is unfortunate because they are so incredible for your overall health. As a woman, these vitamins provide you with strong hair, healthy nails, clear skin, a sharp mind, the ability to maintain your metabolism, and tone your muscles.

There are a few different types of B vitamins, so understanding what you’re looking for and what your body is lacking is something that a nutritionist will be able to tell you. For example, B9 helps create red blood cells and is known for it’s ability to fight off cancer and birth defects down the road. B12, on the other hand, contributes to the construction and creation of your cells. This is absolutely necessary for a healthy nervous system, and those that try to avoid eating meat. B2 is what you should be taking if you are looking for some extra energy to get you through the day.

When you really break down all of the B vitamins, and we’ve only just covered three, there are so many countless benefits that you’ll see when you start adding them to your daily intake. These vitamins can have some incredible effects on the body since so many people are deficient, which makes them even easier to add to your schedule.

These are only a few of the vitamins that women should be taking on a daily basis. If you’re curious on what other vitamins you should be adding to your routine, you should meet up with a nutritionist or your medical professional to see what vitamins you’re deficient in.

Check out for the next blog post that is coming out where we will cover what types of vitamins that men should be taking on a routine basis in order to ensure that they’re living the healthiest life possible. As always, browse the selection of vitamins and supplements that we offer online and start living the life you’ve always wanted, today.

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