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Rice PhytoCeramide Gluten FREE and Clinically Proven

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Tru RENEW with Ceramide-PCD. Our Rice phytoceramides is 40 mg. per capsule. Other phytoceramides out there are 350mg. Why you might ask is ours 40 mg.?

Simple, we have a clinical trial that shows and proves our 40 mg. not only works but outperformes 350 mg. of wheat ceramides. You can see this in the first chart below on the right. Not only does ours out perform others but since it is Rice phytoceramides it is Gluten Free! Our Rice phytoceramides have been in Japan for over 11 years and are just now coming to the USA.

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 All natural Tru Renew™ is a nutricosmetic, the revolutionary approach to skin care.  The secret? Ceramide-PCD from Oryza.  This all natural rice-based ingredient strengthens your cells and allows your skin to retain  more moisture, naturally where you need it.

You know when you have dry skin. Your skin is tight, flaky in spots and appears dull, especially your hands, cheeks and around your eyes. Severe dry skin may lack elasticity, which accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. And for some people, it itches, burns and cracks! Your skin is comprised of 40% ceramides. This is the structure within your cells that allows you to retain moisture. The stronger your cells, the more moisture they can hold and smoother, softer and more supple your skin looks AND feels.


Clinical tests of the active ingredient in Tru Renew measured an improvement in moisture retention and appearance with a decrease in dryness and  roughness. Bottom line, Tru Renew does what no lotion can. It works with your body to improve the look and feel of your skin, hair and even your other cells within.*

  • INCREASES Skin Hydration
  • REDUCES Itchiness & Redness
  • MINIMIZES Small Lines & Wrinkles
  • PROMOTES Skin Smoothness
  • FIGHTS  Signs of Aging Visibly and from Within
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



ceramide-pcd-graph-1.jpgCeramides are naturally occurring lipids (or fatty materials) found naturally in the skin. Phytoceramides are the plant-derived equivalent of ceramides, a lipid that keeps your skin hydrated and plump. Phytoceramides come from plants including sweet potatoes, rice and wheat. The lipids found in these plant’s oils are identical to those found within your skin's membrane.

Ceramides pass through cell membranes and cannot be stored by your body. The only way to get them into our diet is through supplementation. As you age, ceramides diminish within your skin.

Stress, poor nutrition and environmental exposure contribute. The result is dry, flaky and itchy skin due to a loss of moisture. In young skin, ceramides maintain skin hydration at a cellular level, boosting the renewal process from the inside and out. Tru Renew allows your skin to continue to do this as you age.

Phytoceramides, the active ingredient in Tru Renew are taken orally and improve the cells you see as well as those you don’t see within your body. Once taken as directed, cracked and damaged skin is moisturized.

Wrinkles and sun-damaged areas fill out and look fresh. Within, cells throughout your body rebuild, rejuvenating you from the inside out.


An alternative to a facelift may be as simple as taking Tru Renew. Supporting beauty from the inside out, Tru Renew may help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the structural integrity of the skin.


Retaining moisture is part of the battle. Gorgeous, youthful skin also requires vitamins, the building blocks of health. Tru Renew combines Phytoceramides with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of the powerful antioxidants Vitamin A, C, D and E. Each is essential to the health and beauty of your skin. Beta-carotene coupled with vitamins C, E, and A minimize damage to cells caused by free radicals. These unstable molecules wage war on skin cells, resulting in the signs of aging. Vitamin A assists in the rebuilding of skin tissue, Vitamin E fights free radicals within your body. Vitamin C is believed to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, the protein responsible for supple skin.


33 People (6 male, 27 female); Average age 25

Placebo-controlled double blind study six weeks duration. 40 mg/day intake of ceramides provide by Oryza.

Both Dermatological and three dimensional microscopic skin surface analysis performed via VISIOCAN conducted by Courage and Khaza Gmbh. Evaluated skin moisture content, smoothness, roughness, and scaliness (degree of dryness of the stratum corneum). Study released June 1, 2000, completed by the independent third party at Soiken, Japan, Institute of General Medical Sciences.

How it Works

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (or fatty materials) found naturally in the upper most layer of the skin. Ceramides pass through cell membrane and cannot be stored in the body. The only way to get them into our diet is through supplementation. Level of ceramides declines with age while factors such as stress, poor nutrition and environmental contamination may accelerates the process. Ceramides maintain skin hydration at cellular level, boosting the renewal process from inside and out, keeping skin healthy and young. Tru Renew allows your skin to continue to do this as you age.

Phytoceramides, naturally DERIVED FROM RICE, are the active ingredient in Tru Renew. Taken orally this amazing ingredient improves the cells you see as well as those you don’t see within your body.  Cracked and damaged skin is moisturized. Wrinkles and sun-damaged areas fill out and look fresh. Within, cells throughout your body rebuild, rejuvenating you from the inside out.

Gorgeous, youthful skin also requires vitamins, the building blocks of health. Tru Renew combines Phytoceramides with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of the powerful antioxidants Vitamin A, C, D and E, which are essential for healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.


AMINO ACIDS: These turn into protein. Protein is what the structure of each cell in

your body is made of.


FATTY ACIDS: Any engine needs lubrication to prevent it from freezing up. Essential Fatty Acids provided the lubrication between cells and help each cell hold on to the nutrients each needs to stay healthy.

GLUCIDES: This is fuel for your cells. Every action requires energy. This energy comes from sugars and fats. Cells that don’t get enough glucides literally starve to death. Those that get too much, store it for later use as fat.

VITAMINS: These create the enzymes that allow cells do their job.

MINERALS: For anything to happen in your body, the enzymes created by vitamins need to be activated. This is what minerals do.

OXYGEN: Cells like you breath. Without oxygen, they cannot breath.

WATER: 70% of your body is water and it is necessary for all functions. Dehydrated cells cannot function and die.




Moisture evaporates leaving skin dry, wrinkling and itchy, which may cause redness.

Corneocytes, located in the top layer of your skin, shrink when your skin is dry. What you see is dry and flaky on the surface with wrinkles more pronounced.



 Your skin feels softer, fuller and more youthful. Tru Renew helps all the cells in your body retain moisture and work more efficiently including skin, hair, nails and internal organs.

Ceramides strengthen cells, allowing each to lock in more moisture. Dry skin lacks a density of ceramides. Because of this, the moisture in your body evaporates through your skin. 

Your skin is 40% ceramides. Tru Renew replenishes ceramides making your cells stronger. Stronger cells hold more moisture. This makes your cells and the skin you see, smoother and softer.


 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Product Reviews

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  1. non wheat option!

    Posted by Mimi on 11th Feb 2014

    I'm pleased that there is a gluten-free, non wheat option for ceramide product. The lipowheat gave me terrible stomache pains. I don't eat wheat products and I believe it's the wheat connection to that lipowheat ceramides that gave me the tummy upset.

    Evidently this is the original rice based product that's had success for decades in Japan.

  2. To soon to tell

    Posted by Bette Prfeacher on 7th Nov 2013

    Too soon to tell

  3. Amazing! The best ever vitamins for skin!

    Posted by Marjie on 31st Oct 2013

    My skin has never looked so pretty before. I'm enjoying the best skin of my adult life with these amazing vitamins. I get compliments all the time and my skin always feels calm and not dry and easily irritated like it used to.

    This supplement contains simply the best vitamins for skin.

  4. Where else could I find the best products for my skin?

    Posted by Ellen on 25th Oct 2013

    I am astounded by how much better my skin looks after only ten days using TruRenew with Ceramide-PCD. I have always struggled with dry skin and I feel like I've finally found the supplement that is absolutely the best product for my skin.

    My skin is glowing, dewy and youthful. It doesn't itch like it used to and it's virtually wrinkle-free. I've been getting so many compliments since I started using this amazing product!

  5. Seeing the effects of the best vitamins for my skin already

    Posted by Ruth on 16th Oct 2013

    After taking these vitamins for a week it's clear they are the best vitamins for skin. I've noticed improvements in my skin's tone and elasticity.

    It just feels better overall, and it looks as though I somehow discovered the fountain of youth too!

  6. TruRenew is the greatest anti aging supplement!

    Posted by jean on 30th Sep 2013

    I am really excited about this anti aging supplement! It has so far proven itself to me in the fine lines of my face, as well as my overall feeling of health.

    No side effects, just some nice results. I will definitely keep taking these! I recommend them.

  7. A good combination of some of the best vitamins for skin

    Posted by marie on 24th Sep 2013

    This Tru Renew is a great combination of some of the best vitamins for skin. I have seen such a difference already, and can feel it in my hair as well.

    My hair is shinier, my skin clearer and less lined, and I feel better all around! A great price for such a good supplement. Great shipping as well!

  8. Of the anti-aging supplements out there, these are the best!

    Posted by jeanette on 13th Sep 2013

    In my many years of experience, these are some of the best anti aging supplements out there. I have used a few, but none gave results like this. Plumper skin, even tone, and a healthy glow! I feel radiant, and feel healthier. A wonderful supplement!

  9. When I want the best vitamins for my skin, I will buy this!

    Posted by marlena on 31st Aug 2013

    No doubt about it, these supplements contain the best vitamins for skin. When I want the best, I will always come here!

    A good price, too. Save your money on all the expensive creams and gels, and work from the inside out! No stomach issues, not huge pills, and great results.

  10. These are great! Some of the best vitamins for skin!

    Posted by miranda on 27th Aug 2013

    I have been very happy with the results of these vitamins. These are some of the best vitamins for skin!

    Clearer, healthier looking skin over my face and whole body. These were a good price from here, I always love that.

    Good results and a great price!

  11. My hands and face look ten years younger!

    Posted by Laura on 26th Aug 2013

    I've been using Tru Renew since February of this year. Within five weeks, I was able to say goodbye to acrylic nails. Then I noticed my hands no longer looked dry and cracked. Last week I had a woman tell me I have such beautiful skin. I haven't heard that in 15 years and I smoke. I'm 47 and people constantly think I'm 35-38 now. I love this product.

  12. Beauty from the inside out with this anti aging supplement!

    Posted by gale on 24th Aug 2013

    I am so excited about these anti aging supplements! These have made such a difference already, and I know the results will last because it is from the inside out. No more itchy, dry skin, more plumpness in my cheeks and luminosity. A good price, too. This is a good source for all kinds of vitamins.

  13. This site has great anti aging supplements

    Posted by samantha on 15th Aug 2013

    I am very happy with the anti aging supplements that I have gotten here. I get some for my skin, my joints, my bones and even to help maintain and even loose weight. This has helped maintain my skin's moisture and even tone, and I look healthier for it. I feel great shopping here, I know all the items I get are some of the best. All at great prices too!

  14. I've never used better vitamins for skin!

    Posted by mona on 14th Aug 2013

    I have been struggling for year to find something to help my skin. These are some of the best vitamins for skin I have tried and I am so excited that I found them.

    Hydrated, luminous skin in the morning is so nice. I am not as dry as I have been-less itching and acne because of it! This has been just fantastic and I would recommend it.

  15. Skin is looking young and vibrant! These are the best vitamins for the skin!

    Posted by Marcia on 29th Jul 2013

    After doing some web research on the vitamins listed in this supplement, I felt confident that these were the best vitamins for your skin. The product has proven that theory! My skin feels young and revitalized! I feel ten years younger! The wrinkles have truly faded and my confidence is better than ever!

  16. TruRenew is a top of the line anti aging supplement!

    Posted by Jenna on 13th Jul 2013

    This TruRenew is really at the top of the line as far as anti-aging supplements go. This replenishes vital nutrients in the body, making the skin look young and hydrated again! My hair has also been revived a bit, more bounce and shine, and even a little thicker. There is a good amount of vitamin in the bottle, so it lasts a while, and for a good price. Give this a shot and revitalize from the inside out!

  17. Never try another anti-aging supplement again! This is the best!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2013

    Never again will I have to shop around for anti-aging supplements again! This is the best thing I have ever used. I love that it is vegetarian and has a limited number of ingredients-only the best!

    The ingredients in this have helped my skin retain more elasticity, and stay more hydrated, making me look and feel younger! I love the effects of these supplements, and that I get so many with the price.

  18. This TruRenew is full of the best vitamins for skin health!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2013

    I have never seen so many of the best vitamins for skin health in one supplement. This TruRenew has helped my skin from the inside out!

    I look refreshed and healthy! My skin looks younger and clearer, and I have such a nice even tone. I also have noticed stronger, healthier hair and nails! This is the best supplement I have ever gotten myself, and I will continue to take this.

  19. Guys think I'm still in my 40s!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2013

    I am so sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a new wrinkle every day.

    These are better than other anti-aging products I have tried (and my husband is annoyed at how much I have spent on the others!!!).

    Had two people at work yesterday tell me they thought I was in my mid-40s! That's a compliment (I'm 58!!!).

  20. No more greasy skin for me....

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2013

    I've been using all the expensive skin creams for years (jumping from one brand to another).

    Got sick of the oily skin feel. My girlfriend turned me onto these and thought I would try them.

    These are great for my skin. Hydrated, fresh skin but not that greasy feel. Not sure how these work so well but they do!

    Putting in another order already.

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